SwiftKey Keyboard

Price: Free

SwiftKey is the best swipe console from Microsoft. The console learns your composing style, so you can type quicker. Utilize your customized console to type and send emoticon, GIFs and all the more simply the manner in which you like.

The SwiftKey swipe console is continually learning and adjusting to coordinate your one of a kind method for composing – including your slang, epithets and emoticon.

The inherent emoticon console has each emoticon you’ll ever need and that’s just the beginning. SwiftKey learns your preferred emoticon so you can generally send your companions the correct responses.

SwiftKey takes into account all composing tastes, with free structures and subjects to fit any style. The custom console gives autocorrect that really works. SwiftKey gives accommodating expectations, so you can express what is on your mind quick, without mistakes. Type and content any way you like, with swipe-to-type, tap-to-type, prescient emoticon and a GIF console.

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